Tell us what Perl is having trouble with fraudulent activity such as web hype and stemming.

Please tell us that Perl is having trouble with fraudulent activities such as web hype and stemmers.

I will write this as a personal feeling. I will comprehensively write down the hype and cheating that I know.

The Web is a sea of ​​fraud such as hype and stemmers

There is a ton of content on the Web that is intended to mislead and act on candid young people who do not have the information.

It's not that you can trust it because it's a major media, and the major media are also doing their best because it's not illegal under Japanese law.

Rather, it seems that the major media are willing to participate in Stemma.

What is a stemmer?

First, write what a stemmer is. Stealth marketing is the act of misleading readers by concealing the fact that it is an advertisement and evaluating it from a neutral point of view, even though it is originally an advertisement.

It's an article that you get paid for but don't tell the general reader about it.

There may be advertising banners at the top and bottom of the article. But the truth is, it's a trigger, and the content itself is an advertisement.

When I create content, I get compensation in the form of cooperation fees from the company that sends the information, but I do not display that.

There are a lot of such articles on the web media.

So where does the money come from? It's from the sponsoring company. You get money from a sponsor company to create content, but you can hide it and make it look naturally trendy, popular, or exciting. We are only trying to make people expect the future and mislead users.

Negative campaign by affiliates

There is an affiliate advertisement. Affiliate advertising is an advertisement that you can earn money by pasting an advertisement on a website and attracting customers. This affiliate advertisement is also a treasure trove of stemmers.

Affiliators often run impression manipulation campaigns, promoting the products they advertise as the best, and writing out competing products as outdated.

Instead of providing fair information for users to make their own decisions, we will write about the potential of praising the target product and how the competing product is Owakon.

Affiliate advertising is really full of stemmers. The top google search engines are often filled with affiliated stemmer ads.

Information that is truly valuable to users can only be obtained by using their perception and thinking skills to search a little deeper or ask a reliable person.

Political power and financial power

The world of technology can no longer be free from the world of politics. Reciprocal and respectful relationships have collapsed and are now guided by political and financial power. In an area where information can be disseminated from the top of the world, gain power, mount, and disseminate a large amount of information to the world. Such techniques have become popular since 2010.

The media, tied to political power and sources of funding, hides the cost of cooperation to create content and promote its popularity and future potential. Stemmers are flooding.

For example, the Chinese government has invested heavily in certain technologies. Big tech such as google, amazon, apple and facebook are also making big investments in certain technologies.

The global economy is tied at the top, and google has created the Google AI China Center and sought to build a good relationship with the Chinese government in the development of AI. If the US government hasn't shown a deterrent, google will want to have a good relationship with the Chinese government.

Information advertised by the media also corresponds to this. In other words, only information that is in line with the intentions of the Chinese government or GAFA is flooding the media.

Expressing and enjoying the pure technology interests of engineers is becoming impossible on the Web. Tech events are also becoming a place for product promotion by the Chinese government and GAFA. Valuable minority tech announcements are really interesting, but at big events it's no longer possible.

Social ranking and social comments by Stemmer

Social rankings and social comments are completely polluted by stemmers.

Add a lot of bookmarks and likes to misunderstand users, and praise the products to be promoted and add ☆ 5. Evaluate competing products badly and give a star.

Writing social rankings and social comments is ordered worldwide as crowdwork.

On the crowdwork page, when I look for a job, it says that it is a simple job with only PC input. If you think that you are a normal job for a while and work, you will be asked to create an account for the rest of the work. Those who work are not guilty and do what they are told to do.

Upstream Big Tech is the main source of funding, but upstream Big Tech does not get its hands dirty.

Outsourcing by ordering advertisements and promotions in bulk. And the company on the ordering side also subcontracts. And finally, as a freelancing job, it's a social ranking and social comment job.

Social workers work without knowing that they are participating in the stemmer.

Big Tech says, "It's not something I did." Although it is a party that scatters stemmers on the Web, it appears in a beautiful appearance in front of users. I'm frustrated.

Twitter information operative

There are a lot of people on Twitter who are promoting big tech products, hiding their affiliates.

There are many affiliate users with job fraud, career fraud, gender fraud, and age fraud.

"I graduated from the former Imperial University, belonged to a part of the listed companies of the tech system, and I like XX, XX and XX of Big Tech products !!!" in the profile.

By all means, he is an older man, but when he becomes a young woman, he puts up a picture of the young woman and mutters, "I participated in the engineer girls drinking party!"

Is it the sad saga of the engineer, saying, "○○ is also popular with young women. Like, like, follow, and support!" By all means, I'm being fooled.

Hit me with the title and authority of the university

It's also a common practice to hit with the title and authority of the university.

"That's written in an overseas paper!" "That was adopted in a lecture at the former Imperial University!"

This is frustrating because it is far from the way that information is needed and can be resolved efficiently in the field.

University students beat excellent engineers who have actually achieved long-term results in the field, using foreign papers and the names of famous professors.

Ignoring what the engineers in the field felt and felt in the field, they despised and used the authority of the university to beat them.

An unnamed field engineer is actually better than someone who has gained a position by name and political power.

Information vulnerable business

There are a large number of information vulnerable businesses on the Web. The actual purpose of singing a programming school is to mediate a profession. Spoof your career and sell it as if you had experience in the field. In fact, there are few such jobs, decoy ads, claiming to make a lot of money. Simple work that has nothing to do with making you think that you can work in the field of AI. If you decline, you will be charged a large amount for the programming school. etc.

The biggest problem with the information vulnerable business is not telling customers the true story of what's happening in the field. If you tell the truth, the information vulnerable business knows that it's a job that no one wants to do, so they don't tell the truth to their customers.

It's too late for you when you later find out, "I'm fooled. I've been messed up with crappy content."

Search engine spam

Spam that targets google search engines is flooding the web.

Search engine spam is defined as the act of distorting google search results into unintended ones by submitting a large number of articles in excess of hundreds of thousands with the sole purpose of aiming for the top of the search engine.

I'm assuming you have an insider who knows the algorithms of the google search engine. Only google-related products feel that such search engine spamming is very common.

Insiders who know the algorithms of the google search engine provide marketers with a way to rank high in Google search, and spam mackers use content outsourcing to include large numbers of articles and related keywords in their articles. Capture the google search engine.

It doesn't matter to the user, it contains all the keywords to capture the google search engine, and it produces low quality content for a long time.

Search engine spamming is so intense that even keywords that aren't naturally relevant will be displayed.

(Example) Python search results are displayed in search results that include the terms C and Perl.

Also, be aware that search engine spam is being used to capture the popularity rankings of TIBOE.

Question site capture

Since the number of posts on the question site is known as the popular ranking of programming languages, spam marketers also go to capture the question site.

Originally, if the quality of the programming language was high, you don't need to ask a question, and you can find and solve good content by searching with a search engine. A good programming language has fewer questions.

The fact that a large number of questions are posted on the question site is unnatural in the first place.

What spam marketers do is actually self-made.

The good thing about being an anonymous bulletin board is that we write our own questions, answer ourselves, and rate ourselves ☆.

please think about it. Is there such a convenient and good answer? Is the engineer sitting in front of the computer to answer that?

So it's good to suspect that spammackers are using mutual aid associations to do a lot of self-made performances in order to raise the rankings of question sites such as Stack Overflow.

What is needed to recover to good condition

What is needed to recover to good condition? I will list some points.

Fact check

Let's check the facts. In fact, let's try a little to see if that's the case. Isn't only one said to be 100 times better?Isn't a better quality competing product just tainted by reputation and honor?

Consideration for fairness

Are you taking too much attention and attention? Are you looking only at short-term money and ignoring medium- to long-term growth? Not indirectly contributing to the destruction of the ecosystem Does it need that much exclusive attention to maintain it? Is it a place where diverse values ​​can be nurtured?

Psychological safety

Is it psychologically safe to speak? Isn't there an atmosphere of contempt for minority content? Isn't that place just a place to show off trendy and popular products as a result?

Reciprocity and respect

Is that way of thinking that you can respect each other? Is it a way of thinking that you can exchange profits with each other? Does that method or way of thinking end up hurting anyone other than ourselves?

Be honest and sincere

Isn't it important to be honest and sincere without saying bad things about others?

Are you afraid that if you do that, you will end up being fingered and ignored by everyone?

Are you afraid to be alone or isolated?

But still, which one do you need for a long engineering life?

Perl has very little involvement in malicious intent

In my opinion, Perl has very little involvement in malicious intent. Using affiliates and stemmer companies to increase popularity by using stemmer content and stemmer likes has not been done in my observation range in 2020. No one has been beaten up using Big Tech authority, media authority, or university authority, and there is no Twitter intelligence operative. It is not connected to the information vulnerable business.

I think Perl stays very clean against malicious intent on the web. Because of that, I'm in trouble because I didn't get the necessary attention.

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